NOL (Michaël Nolta)

The Netherlands-based artist has a style which can only be described as bubbly.
Everything he creates looks alive, is very round and looks as if it has been inflated.
Nol has created his own creatures to go along with this aesthetic which look like living balloons in themselves.

His creatures consist out of bold solid colors and bold black fluent lines which are used a lot in screen printing process, his other love.
This is also where his passion for crisp vector lookalike work comes from, as he tries to make his work look like as it has been machine made but in fact is done by hand.

In addition to his canvas work, he also likes to work as much as possible on walls. At present there are walls of him located in Vietnam, Ireland, England, Germany, Belgium and of course the Netherlands.

Since 2020 Nol is also dipping his toes into Virtual Reality art, which has resulted in a hide and seek tour in Bristol during Upfest.
People could search for his creatures and after they found them (and scanned them with their phone) they would pop up behind walls or bushes.

 Nol’s main goal is to generate joy in people with his work.